A difficult goal can be attined by perseverance 水滴石穿

啟示:水滴石穿《shui di shi chuan》 比喻堅持不懈,集细微的力量也能成就很大的功勞,也就是由量變到質變的辯證關係。

In the song dynasty, a man called Zhang Guaiya served as magistrate of Quianyang County. One day, he takes an inspection stroll around his office Building. Suddenly he sees a petty official slipping out of the treasury house hurriedly. Zhang Guaiya stops him.

“ What are you doing so stealthily here?”

The petty official stammers, “ I..I stole a penny from the treasury. It’s nothing serious.”

“ I hate people like you most. You obviously know you did something wrong but you show no sign of repentance.”

Zhang Guaiya takes the petty official to the courtroom and has him bound. But the official dosen’t think he has done anything seriously wrong.

“ Humph! It’s just a penny I took. You can beat me, But you can’t kill me!”

“If you steal a penny a day, it will be 1,000 pennies 1,000 days. As time wears on, even a rope can cut a wooden board in half and a constant drip of water can wear a hole in a stone!”

In order to punish this petty offical, Zhang Guaiya has him killed on the spot.

《shui di shi chuan》 as a metaphor,means that a difficult goal can be attined by perseverance and pooling of all resources available.

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