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中華大地堪稱神州大地,中華文化也稱神傳文化;鑑於中華大地傳統文化嚴重流失 ,鑑於世界第一大國美國的左派勢力導致教育領域的墮落,身爲華人家長,我們都有責任抵制美國教育制度的腐敗, 包括對幼年兒童的各種 性開放以及違背傳統道德的亂性教育與錯誤觀念的引導等等各種因素;“故事王國”  致力於恢復五千年中華文明,發揚和廣大傳統美德為宗旨,鼓勵新一代人學繁識簡,領悟神傳給人的寶貴財富- 人生哲理。

我們都知道, 每個繁體字都是一座座博物館,蘊藏著博大精深的內涵;如 “進” 字裡邊有一個”佳”字, 意思就是越走越佳了; “藥” 字蘊含著 倉頡造字,神農嘗百草,  和 悠揚樂聲療愈戰後士兵們創傷的遙遠故事, “藥” 字也告訴我們,音樂和草藥才是治病的自然良方。
繼承和發揚中華傳統文化, 我們華人家長責無旁貸!

“故事王國” 的卡通影像來自於先輩們的偉大貢獻,通過  “Youtube”  全球平台才有  “故事王國”  的誕生,谷歌公司有權參與所有的卡通影像管理。

走進  “故事王國”  , 願大家 明天更美好 !

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“故事王國” Youtube 頻道-點我

Welcome to Story Kingdom !

Come to the colorful scene of cartoons that will help children learn Chinese. A lively and interesting story is when kids can digest a better understanding of the story to turn into a good student. At the same time, they will learn of traditional culture, rituals, and their own future. Hoping the kids stay away from the temptations of sex and violence, as being excellent both in studies and behaviour, that is the wish from all parents around the world.

As we all know, each of traditional Chinese character is hidden behind the transmissions God’s deep cultural meanings. For example the word- “進” (to move forward), so we see it’s inside has a “good” character “佳”, “進”-meaning that is going to further and further from good! To learn more traditional Chinese character, please visit Story Kingdom’s “悠遊字在” section.  Also, “Story Kingdom” has the purpose of editing, and as a result, this will help those with better English that are eager to learn Chinese, or the people with good Chinese who wants to learn better English.

Story Kingdom’s cartoon images of all films are from the wisdom of ancestors and hard working people’s contribution through- Youtube,a global family sharing platform, and that’s why we have the birth of “Story Kingdom” today!All video copyright are belong to Youtube and their respective creators, we only provide links to those materials which are freely share through Youtube’s terms and services. we welcome parents and children to join Story Kingdom. We are as well looking for your suggestions and feedback.

We provide video editing services for recordings of family events, babies, and more. They will be posted on Story Kingdom and shared to the world, you are welcome to contact us.

Wishing “Story Kingdom” be brighter tomorrow!

“Story Kingdom” Chief editor
January 2019

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