Huang Fu Mi return of the prodiga 皇甫谧浪子回頭

A long long time ago, there was a talented writer named Huang Fu Mi. How did he act when he was little?

” Huang Fu Mi!! Wake up!!”
” Heroo….” he murmurmed.
” WHAT HERO?! Get up!” yelled the teacher.
” Huh?”
Everybody in the class giggled.
” Huang Fu Mi, I want you to answer a question. ”
” What is it?Is it worth waking me up?” he asked, impaitient.
” Grrr.. I’m asking you what you want to be when you grow up!”
” I want to be a hero!” he climbed on the table. ” I’ll go to war, and I want to wear a long flowing cape, and hold a long long sword, to make everybody scared when they see me! Ahahahahahahah!!”
A boy next to him laughed.
” What are YOU laughing at?! What do you want to be?!”
” I want to be a fruit picker like my dad!”
” Very good.”
” Hmph.” Huang Fu Mi said.
He went home, and on the way, everybody was scared of him. He was satisfied, until he saw the boy that said he wanted to pick fruits.
” Everyone, want to buy some?”
Just then, Huang Fu Mi saw that the boy took some of the fruits secretly, and got the money.
Huang Fu mi went up to him and beat him up. He also went to the boy’s house, and stole some from his fruit trees.
When he got home, he realized his aunt made him a cape. He put it on happily.
Just then, his teacher came in and said to her,
” Your nephew stole this boy’s fruits, is that true?”
” Nephew! Is that true?”
” It is!It’s that Huang Fu Mi!!” the boy next to the teacher said.
Huang Fu Mi was furious, so that night, he went to the boy’s house, and killed all the trees.
Huang Fu Mi came home carrying a watermelon, and he saw his autn crying.
” Nephew, what is filial to you?”
” Giving my aunt good things to eat.”
” Even if you give it to me and make me happy, everyone will hate you and ignore you!”
” They’re just scared of me.”
” You always say that you want to be a hero, but heroes are supposed to make people happy,not make them scared! What hero made their people miserable and scared? If you keep doing this, then you’re going to live in misery for the rest of your days!”
He ran out the door, holding back tears. He ran and ran, all the way to a cliff, where he saw a hero with a cape.
” Hero!” he yelled.
He grabbed his cape, and the hero dissapeared. Then, he fell into a bottomless pit.
” AAHHHHHH!!” he woke up screaming. Then, he saw the cape his aunt gave him. It was real. His aunt came in and said,
” What’s wrong, got a nightmare?”
” I’m sorry aunt, I’ll be good from now on, and I’ll listen to you!”
He helped fix all the trees at the other boy’s house, and from then on, he wasn’t doing bad things anymore, but good deeds. Although he didn’t become a hero when he grew up, everybody still remembered him.

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