Pangu Creates The World 盘古开天地

Ancient Chinese myths describe the creation of the universe, the origin of human beings, and the emergence of culture. They are part of the heritage of China’s five thousand years of culture. For example, these ancient myths tell the story of how the earth was formed. In the olden days, parents told their children the universe was created by Pangu.

Long before the universe was created, it was a big, chaotic egg. Into this egg, Pangu was born. Pangu slept in this big egg for eighteen thousand years. When he awoke, it was dark inside the egg. Pangu stretched out his arms and legs, breaking the egg open. The light and clear yang qi rose and formed the great blue sky. At the same time, the heavy and thick yin qi sank and became the expansive earth. Since then, the universe was composed of heaven and earth. As Pangu stood between heaven and the earth, day after day the sky rose higher and the earth below grew thicker. In this way, Pangu grew taller and taller. It took another eighteen thousand years until the sky could rise no higher and the earth could sink no lower. Accordingly, Pangu became a giant holding the sky and the earth, and in this way the universe would not revert to its chaotic state.Yet Pangu was the only man between the sky and the earth. The state of the world followed the state of his emotions. When he was pleased the sky was cloudless, and when he was angry the weather grew gloomy. His tears brought rain and his sighs brought strong winds. When he blinked the sky lit up with lightning, and when he snored thunder rumbled.

Many, many, many years passed, the sky was so high, and the earth so thick. Pangu accomplished his mission and his body was transformed into the sun, the moon, the stars, mountains, rivers, and vegetation, etc. In this way, he selflessly dedicated his whole body to the future of human beings. As to where the Chinese people come from, ancient legends tell us Nu Wa created humans and that all are her descendants.

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