Portraitist- Chen Hongshou 陳洪綬白壁作畫

Chen Hongshou (1598 ~ 1652) the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty painter- portraitist.

He was a well known artist in China, in his childhood, he was very hard working.

” Hmmm”… Hongshou said as he drew the outline of a swan. Then, his door opened and in came his father with his friend, Hongshou greeted father’s friend and let him examine his picture. “Good, good, very good! ” Dad’s friend replied.

” No no,you are overpraised” said Hongshou’s father.

” It’s late now I should go.” “Thank you for coming,” his father nodded.

When his father arrived in the living room, he called his wife and said, “What kind of wine is this?”

Hongshou’s mother replied, “The same wine you have been drinking ,Sir. Is there anything wrong?”

“Well, it tastes like someone added water in it.”

One night, Hongshou stepped into the wine room and poured some wine into a long bottle. Then he peeked out the door and saw his father! His father said, “What is going on?”

Then he told his father, that he brings wine to an elder who is doorkeeper in the temple everyday, so he can draws and practices a statue of a god in temple… “And that’s what really happened.” Said the elder man. After Dad knew the truth,he encouraged Hongshou to get a new bottle of a wine to that elder.

The next day a servat came and said that his father’s friend invited him over and his son. When they got there, Hongshou saw birds and said, “Father, I’m going to go outside to see the birds!” And so he did . He ran and ran until he saw a room with snow white walls.

Soon he got an idea he drew the same god as he did at the temple. But when the servant saw this, he cried. Then his father came in, told Hongshou to kneel down,and scold him that he is not suppose to drew anything on the walls.

But when father’s friend came, he saw the god drawing and prised Hongshou. He said that Hongshou did a great job, and he is going to make another temple.

Soon everyone heard that Hongshou can draw a god and came to him. But he said, “I would learn more first and then I could draw one for everyone in future.” …

Later, A famous artist became his teacher and Hongshou’s skills improved.

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