3) To be kind to others 孔子聖賢之道- 與人为善


孔子聖賢之道- 與人为善:

Confucianism- To be kind to people ( Yu Ren Wei Shan):
We live in the world, not to compare other people with yourself, not to compare your good to someone else’s poor, not to complain about other’s poor deeds, but to converge intelligence, without the heart of showing off.

Once there were many fishermen. There were old fishermen, and young fishermen, and some other young ones who helped the elders. One day, a man was helping his father fish, so he paddled his boat to the other side of the lake.
” Stay off our side!” a big man with a beard called out.
” Please, I’ve only caught two fish in 4 hours! Please, let me fish here, just for a little while!” the young man said.
” I said, get off our side!” the big man said, and tried to hit the young man with a paddle.
All the other middle-aged fishermen snickered.
” Xiao Wu! Come back here before they start hitting you!” his father yelled.
Xiao Wu glared at them and rowed back.
On the side, a few men saw the whole scene.
” Grr. That isn’t fair!” one of them said.
” Let’s go teach them a lesson!”
” If we do go, it’s not like they’re going to change.”
” then, what do you propose we do?”
The men got a boat and two of them got on.They saw that the elders weren’t getting any fish.
” This is my fish! I saw it first!”
” No, this is mine, it’s in my net!”
They kept arguing and everybody made them stop, since it was bothering their fishing.
The two men said to each other,
” Wow. there isn’t any peace here.”
One of the young men yelled to an elder,
” Wang Xiong, come here! I”ve got many fish! You only have a little right? Come, you can have some!”
the old man grinned, and the bearded man yelled,
” What are you doing??”
” The elders have no fish, and besides, we’re going to get old someday too!”
” Um . Alright then. I’ll let them come on our side. Just for today.”
the two men who was watching them paddled to their side, and said to the man who was very generous to the old man,
” May I ask your name?” the man asked.
” I am Chu Da! ” said the generous man.
Hours passed, and Chu Da was very generous towards the elders.
” hey look! The bearded man looks sad! Let’s go to him!” one of the men said.
So they went, and helped him catch fish.
” Elders! Come on this side! I have a lot of fish!” the bearded man yelled.
At last, he learned to be kind, and he laughed a laugh of joy.

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