Xanadu 世外桃源


世外桃源 【shi wai tao yuan】 東晉文學家陶淵明在《桃花源記》中記載:一個漁夫隻身舍船進入一山洞,發現一座桃源,這裡的居民男耕女織,小孩與老人怡然自樂,沒有爭鬥,沒有剝削,沒有戰亂,人人平等,自給自足,人們的關係十分淳樸親切,到處是一片安樂祥和的氣氛,與外面的世界完全隔絕。

啟示: 當漁夫第二次去找“世外桃源” 的時候,為何再也找不到了呢? 試想,人要嚮往美好的生活,避開戰爭和災難,是不是首先要像世外桃源裡的那些人們一樣,修身,養德,行善,努力去掉自己不好的心呢? 如妒忌心,爭鬥心,自私心等,這樣世界才會充滿祥和幸福。 都說中國文化是神傳文化,這世外桃源的故事,是不是也有那麼一點隱隱約約的神蹟所在呢?

Once there was a fisherman. He once got lost while fishing. He followed the river, and soon came to a place with many cherry blossom trees. Then, he saw a mountain. In front of the mountain, there was a small opening. The fisherman left his boat and crawled through the opening. Even though the opening was small, it got wider and longer as he continued through the tunnel. When he got to the other side, he saw a whole different universe. Fresh grasses, animals grazing, many houses, and the entire area looked so peaceful.

A group of people came up to him and asked him, “Where are you from?” He said, “From the other side of the mountain.” “Oh, welcome, welcome. Our ancestors came here to avoid war and violence, and this place is to remain secret.” An old man told him.

They feasted the fisherman with food and drinks, and he finally left. When he got back to the village, he told everybody about that place, and they wanted to go there and see. But, no matter how hard they tried, they never found Xanadu again。

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