Filial (19) 扇枕溫衾

There once was a boy Huang Xiang who’s mother died. A very good boy indeed. One day , he was sitting on a rock staring out to sea when two people came。 They said,” Ever since his mother died he has been better to his father。 What a good kid。 ” The other person nodded in agreement and went on。 Just then his fathe came and said,” Come now you must be hungry let’s go home and cook dinner。” ” The dinner is already cooked daddy, let’s go!” ” What a good boy” his father thought。

When they were finished with dinner, he volunteered to wash the dishes while his dad went outside. It was a hot night so to make sure his fsther slept well, he fanned the pillows and blankets and went get his father to sleep。 When it was winter, he slept in his father’s bed until it was warm。 Then his father noticed tha one day and asked,”hmmm,When its summer the bed is cold and when it’s winter its warm。” The boy giggled。 Soon his dad found out it was him and was very proud of his son。People call him: “Odyssey, Jiangxia Huang Xiang”。

Moral Point: Respecting elders is a virtue from our life, Huang Xiang is a good model!


啟示: 我們應該學習黃香的尊敬長輩,捨己為人的品德。  

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