Finishing touch 画龍點睛

画龍點睛 (hua long dian jing)

Once there was a person who was very good at drawing dragons. One day he came to town to draw 4 dragons on the wall. Once everybody heard about it, they all came to see. There were comments like,” Oh my it looks so real” and ,” He draws so good!” These comments went on forever until one person asked,” Why don’t you draw eyes for the dragon?” The artist answered,” because if I do, The dragons will fly away.” ” Fly away? ” everyone asked,” How? can you show us?” The artist shook his head. They pleaded and pleaded until he finally said yes . He took his brush and drew tiny black circles on the dragon. Then suddenly, a huge thunder storm crashed on the wall and the two dragons flew away. When the storm cleared, nothing was left except a few cracks on the wall.

Moral :It’s important to find out the target key point if writing in an article,then the contents will become succinct, vivid and expressive.
啟示:畫龍點睛,比喻寫文章或演說的內容在關鍵地方要簡明扼要, 也就是在整體中需要突出重點,從而變得簡潔,生動而又傳神。

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