Little Red Riding Hood 小紅帽



Once there was a little girl. Her grandmother loved her so much, and gave her a present. It was a hood, made of red. She loved it so much, that she wore it everyday, and soon, she became known as Little Red Riding Hood.

One day her mother told her, ” Little Red Riding Hood, your grandmother is sick, so bring this bottle of wine and some of this bread to her. Also, tell her that I hope she’s feeling better, and don’t get lost on your way!”

Little Red Riding Hood was already on her way. ” Yes Mother! I know!”

And she kept going. Just then, a wolf came up to her.

” Why, isn’t it a nice day Little Red Riding Hood?” he asked.

” Yes. I am going to my grandmother’s.”

” Why?”

” She is sick, and I’m going to see her, and bring some food to her.”

” Oh…I’ll stay with you to protect you from bad people.”

” Thank you, Wolf.”

They walked and walked, Wolf was ready to eat her. Fortunately, he kept missing.

” Um, Wolf? I don’t think there’s going to be any bad people here..So maybe you can go home? Please, I’d like you to save all that trouble.” Little Red Riding Hood said.

” Oh no, I still need to go further. Ah, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you pick some flowers for your grandmother! She’d love them!” Wolf said.

” Oh, that’s a great idea! Thanks wolf!”

” No problem. Also, could you tell me where your grandmother lives? Just curious.”

” Just follow this road! Her house has a big tree next to it.”

” Oh, uh, well, take your time Little Red Riding Hood, and it looks like there’s no bad people here, so bye! And have fun picking flowers!!”

” Thanks Wolf! Bye!”

So wolf hurried to the grandmother’s house, and Little Red Riding Hood was picking flowers and forgot about the time.

” Grandma! Open up!” Wolf said.

” Who is it?” Grandma asked from inside the house.

” It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood! I’ve come to see you!”

” Oh, it’s Little Red Riding Hood! Come in! The door’s unlocked.”

When she saw Wolf, she was so very scared, and the wolf, without chewing, swallowed her full. Then, got on her clothes, and got on the bed, pretending to be grandma.

When Little Red Riding Hood finished picking flowers, her basket was full of things now. So she continued on to her grandma’s house.

” Grandma?” she asked when she got there.” Huh, the door’s open. That’s strange.”

” Who is it?” Wolf asked.

” It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood! I’ve come to see you!”

” Oh, Little Red Riding Hood, come in, come in.”

” Oh my goodness! Why are your eyes so big!?”

” I opened them big on purpose so I could see you.”

” Why are your ears so big, then?”

” To hear you better!”

” Why are your hands so big?”

” So I could hug you! Come here, granddaughter. My back itches, and I can’t reach it, do you mind coming over here so you could itch it for me?”

” But, Grandma, Why are your teeth so sharp?”

” To eat you!!”

That’s when he popped out from under the covers and ate her all up. A few minutes later, a hunter came by.

” Hmm.. If that’s the grandma, that snoring is a bit too loud. I should take a look.” he stepped to the door. ” The door is open too!”

Then, he saw the big bad wolf on the bed, sleeping soundly!

” It’s YOU!” the hunter whispered. The hunter had been trying to catch that wolf for weeks! When he was about to kill it right there, he heard Little Red Riding Hood!

” Help us! ”

He understood what happened immediately, and cut a hole open in the wolf’s stomach so Little Red Riding Hood and grandma could come out. As soon as they came out, they got rocks and filled it in the wolf’s stomach. The hunter sewed it up, and the 3 waited outside for the result.

Finally, the wolf woke up, and walked around.

” A feast of two people makes a hungry wolf full. I’m so thirsty.”

He walked over to the water pail and looked inside. It had no water in it.

” They don’t even have water? Ugh, well I guess I have to drink what’s left in there.”

Just then, a rock fell out of his mouth. ” Probably one of Little Red Riding Hood’s beads. Probably had a bracelet on.”

He stuck his head inside for the tiny bit of water, and since he was so fat, he tumbled in. Rocks spilled out of his mouth, and filled the whole pail. Then, he got upright, ran out the door, into the forest, where no one knows what happened.

The grandma and Little Red Riding Hood were very grateful. They shared their bread and wine with him, and grandma’s illness was gone! From that day on, Little Red Riding Hood knew not to get distracted by small things, and grandma learned to close her doors, at all times. And they lived happily ever after.

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