When the lion’s eyes turn red 紅眼石獅故事

Once upon a time there was an old woman of passion and kindness. She prayed everyday. She helped people older than her. She loved to help everyone.

One day, there was a poor homeless among the streets begging for food. All the wealthy people kicked the homeless, held their noses, and spit into the homeless’s bowl. When the homeless managed to get to the old woman’s door, the homeless finally stumbled to the ground and couldn’t get up. When the old woman saw this, she quickly helped the homeless up, poured a glass of water, and reached for a bun. When she turned around, fairies were surrounding her. She gasped. The homeless turned into the goddess Guanyin!

Guanyin told her that when the eyes of the stone lion turned red, there was to be a mighty disaster that would kill many. The old woman’s job was to lead everyone to the top of the mountain and stay there until the disaster was over.

After Guanyin left, the old woman ran outside and tried to tell everyone. The wealthy people laughed at her. Only some people would listen. The wealthy people decided to play a trick on her. They painted the lion’s eyes red.
The next day, when the old lady saw it, she warned the people that listened to her to go to the mountains. She tried to tell the wealthy people, but they still laughed, for they thought their joke was working.
But, what was fake turned into real. The eyes were indeed red. Thunder crashed, lightning flashed.
The old woman fled. The wealthy people were drowning. But, the old woman and the people who listened to her were safe, on the mountain.
After the disaster, they came down. The old woman cried at how much people died. All the people who had listened to her knelt down. She begged for them to get up. Guanyin appeared.
The old woman~ along with the other villagers- all knelt down to her.

Moral: If you do good deeds, you’ll get a reward. If you do bad deeds, you’ll get a punishment.

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