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【出處】《藝文類聚·孝引列女傳》:“相傳春秋時楚國老萊子事親至孝,年七十,常著五色斑斕衣,作嬰兒戲。上堂,故意僕地,以博父母一笑。”《幼學瓊林·卷二·祖孫父子類》:“戲彩娛親,老萊子之孝。” 指春秋末楚國老萊子穿五彩衣為嬰兒狀以娛父母之事。比喻孝養父母。 One calm morning, when the birds were chirping, and the sky was blue, and the sun was shining, casting its rays upon the earth below, two old people were relaxing, enjoying the sunlight with their cat. Chickens were … Continue reading

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