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6) 孔子聖賢之道- 善之大小

Translated 孔子聖賢之道- 善之大小: 善又分為大善和小善,起心動念為自己一身或一家打算的,善多也是小善。 凡是存心為國家和百姓著想的,善小也是大功德,大善。 善之大小不在事項上,而在用心,心量大則福大。所以我們每一個人都應該學習怎樣用心才是呀! Confucianism – Big and Small Deeds ( Shan Zhi Da Xiao ): Good deeds are divided into large and small groups, caring for yourself and family is a small deed. When one does things … Continue reading

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