Tortoise and the Hare 龜兔賽跑


Chinese(gui tu sai pao)

Mock turtle crawling pace of rabbit slow, but he laughed and said to her one day he would race and beat her. “Come on,” said the hare, “you will soon see how I run fast.” They intend to start at once. Crawl desperately turtle, without a moment to stop the rabbits think the game too easy, he said his first nap, and then quickly catch up the tortoise. At the same time adhere to the turtle crawling, when the rabbit woke up oly to see the turtle go, when to reach the terminal in front of him.Slow and steady can win the final.

During the race, rabbit was too pride of herself, and turtle was constantly hard working,the result turtle went to the front. This indicates that proud to make people behind,and modest will make to progress.

兔子和烏龜賽跑,兔子嘲笑烏龜的步子爬的慢,但是烏龜笑了,說總有一天他會和她賽跑,並且贏他。 “快點”,兔子說,”你很快會看到我是跑的多麼的快。” 他們打算馬上就開始比賽。烏龜拼命的爬一刻都不停,兔子認為比賽太輕鬆了,他說他先打個盹,然後很快的可以追上烏龜。那時烏龜一刻都沒有放鬆爬行,過了一陣子當兔子醒來時,發現烏龜已經在前面的終點站了,兔子害羞的低下了頭。


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