Disregard the changing circumstances 刻舟求劍


刻舟求劍 【ke zhou qiu jian】 楚國有一個坐船渡江的人,他的劍不小心從船上落入江中。船夫十分的為他焦急,可他不緊不慢的在船上用刀刻上記號,說:“這兒是我的劍掉下去的地方。” 船停了之後,這個人從他用刀刻的地方下水去尋找劍。船已經駛了,而劍卻沒有走,像這樣去尋找寶劍,不是很糊塗嗎?

啟示: 不能單憑主觀意識看待周圍的一切,而應以發展的眼光去看待在不斷變化著的事物。如按那楚國人的想法行事,一定會導致錯誤的判斷。

one day a man was crossing a river, his sword accidentally fell into the water from his belt. The boatman said,” Hurry! get your sword before its too late!” The man did not look worried at all instead, he carved a arrow where his sword fell and said: “This is where it fell.” He told the boatman to paddle to the deck. After the boat stopped, the man jumped in the water to find his sword. He searched and searched but cannot find anything. The man was very confused. But the boatman laughed when he got the point.

Moral point: Everything in the world is constantly changing, problem-solving methods and means have to change, otherwise it will fail.

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