To quitting halfway without getting to the end 半途而廢


半途而廢【bàn tú ér fèi】比喻做事中途停止,不能堅持到底,半途而廢只會讓任何事情前功盡棄。

啟示:很多人在通向事業的成功路上曾幾經磨難幾經挫折,沮喪失望,心情一時走向低谷。 可最終,他們敢於在磨難中學習失敗的經驗,使自己的思維變得更開拓,更成熟,事業上轉為得心應手。 “失敗是成功之母”, “世上無難事,只怕有心人 ”。 我們每個人在生活中都會遇到各種各樣的困難,如果大家時時能用善心和正念去看待事物,知道磨難就是生活中的一部份,吃苦會讓人明悟人生道理,自己需要繼續努力和虛心學習,那希望的曙光就從這一刻開始。 祝你成功!

In the warring states period, a man named Le Yang left home to pursue his studies after his wife’s persuasion. One day, someone knocked the door, when his wife was weaving. She opened the door and saw Le Yang.
” Le Yang, have you finished your study?” she asked him.
” I’ve learned something, but I’m not finished yet.” he said . ” I was feeling homesick, so I came back to see you.”
Upon hearing these words, his wife went to the loom and cut the half done cloth in half.
” Hey, you-” Le yang began.
” The cloth is woven thread by thread. Why did you cut it and waste your efforts? You returned home before finishing your study. It’s Ban Tu Er Fei.” his wife said.
Le Yang felt ashamed, and left his wife once again. This time, he finished his studies.
“Ban Tu Er Fei” refers to quitting halfway without getting to the end.

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