Inspiration from the Rooster calls 聞雞起舞


聞雞起舞【wen ji qi wu】 聽到雞叫就起來舞劍。後比喻有志報國的人及時奮起。該典出自《晉書·祖逖傳》,傳說東晉時期將領祖逖年青時就很有抱負,每次和好友劉琨談論時局,總是慷慨激昂,滿懷義憤。為了報效國家,他們在半夜一聽到雞鳴,就披衣起床,拔劍練武,刻苦鍛煉。  

啟示:只有不斷努力,才有可能獲得成功。不經過努力奮鬥,不能成就事業。 聞雞起舞的 “舞” 字和 “武” 字是同音同意,“舞” 用在柔軟的肢體和音樂的表演上,即成為舞蹈,而 “舞” 用在剛柔結合的功夫表演上,即成為武術了。

There once was two young men Zhuti and Liugun who wanted to save their country. They both were friends and practiced martial arts every day. From morning to noon, from noon to night. But somehow, they only practice when the rooster calls. One midnight, one of the friends heard a rooster call. He woke his friend up and said, ” Time to practice!” The friend said,” Is it morning yet?” He shook his head. They both got up and practiced. Years passed and these two friends became great warriors and saved their beloved country!

【wen ji qi wu】 Ethical point: Only with great effort, we can be successful.

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