One who copies other’s example 邯鄲學步


邯鄲學步 [han dan xue bu] 比喻模仿別人不成,反而丟掉了自己原有的本事。

Once upon a time, there was a young man in the Kingdom of Yan. He thought his walking posture was not good, so someody told him that people in Han Dan of Zhao walked very well. Men walked vigorously and women walked gracefully. So the young man walked all the way to HanDan of Zhao. After he arrived in HanDan, he watched people walking all day. To help study, he totally forgot his own walking style, and learned to walk from the people of HanDan. Several days later, since he forgot his own walking style, and didn’t grasp the way people of HanDan walked, he was in a muddle and didn’t know what to do. Finally, he had to crawl back to Yan.

” Han Dan Xue Bu” refers to one who copies other’s example, and forgets their own skills in the process.

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