A fast and unstoppable force 高屋建瓴


高屋建瓴 [Gāo wū jiàn lǐng] 啟示:高屋建瓴形容迅猛的勢不可擋的形勢。

In the late Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang, leader of the uprising farmer troops, overthrew the domination of Qin Dynasty, established the Han Dynasty and became emperor. One day,someone came to him secretly.
“It is said that Han Xin, the senior general wants to rebel against you.”
” Is your information reliable?” Liu Bang asked.
” He always considers that his merits and contribution are great, and no one can hold a candle to him. He often complains that the reward you granted him is beneath contempt. Furthermore, he grasps the military leadership. It’s a security risk.”
” Let’s catch the ball before the bounce.” Liu Bang said.

Liu Bang caught han xin by a trick, and killed him without effort.
” Congratulations your majesty, you made an end to a dangerous guy.” his servant said.
Liu Bang laughed.
” Our great Han Dynasty covers a vast fertile land with geographical advantages and a powerful army. If we dispatch the troops to attack the surrounding small states, we just operate from a strategically advantageous position as pouring water off a steep roof.” his servant continued.
Liu Bang laughed again.
” You struck the right note.”

[Gao Wu Jian Ling] refers to a fast and unstoppable force.

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