Aladdin’s magic lamp 阿拉丁神燈



Once there was a poor merchant named Aladdin. He sold used objects. One day, as he was yelling, ” Come and buy something!”, and old man came up to him.
” Oh, grandpa, you want to buy something?” Aladdin asked.
” Why, no. But I want to tell you something.” he replied.
” Ughh. So he’s not a custommer.. Oh well. What is it?”
” I want you to do something for me, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”
Now, Aladdin really wanted a boat.
” Even a boat?”
” Yes, of course, that’s just too easy.”
” okay. What do you want me to do?”
The old man led him to a mountain. Near it, It looked like a bottomless pit.
” NO way am I going in there. It’s so scary!”
” You’re going in! Do it for the boat!” the old man said, then, he pushed Aladdin in.
He fell all the way to the bottom, and yelled,
” Get a rop down here you old man! Pull me up!!”
” No. I’m not pulling you up until you get me the lamp!” the old man yelled back.
Then, he threw a rorch down at Aladdin.
Aladdin grumpily picked up the torch and walked into the cave before him. Then, he tripped on a rock and his torch fell from his hands, onto the ground.
” Oh no! the light!” Aladdin yelled. He noticed something shiny. He went further and saaw that it was a ring.
” Hmm.. It’s so dirty. Let’s give it a little rub. ” He said.
So he rubbed it with his sleeve. It glowed, and sudddenly a big man appeared.
” Who are you?!” Aladdin asked.
” I am the ring genie. I will do whatever you desire.”
” Well.. uhh. can you get me out of here?” Aladdin asked.
” I can’t do tht. Sorry.” he said.
” Whyy??!!” Aladdin whined.” But… can you tell me where the lamp is?”
” That I can do.” The genie responded.
They walked and walked, until they saw an opening. It was pretty bright in there. There was trees with diamonds all over them. Aladdin longed to take some, but the ring genie told him that he coudn’t, or else something bad will happen, like a rock slide, or an earthquake.
” See the lamp? It’s over there!” The genie said to Aladdin.
“Do you know what it does?” Aladdin asked.
” No.” was the response.
Aladdin stepped forward and said, ” Ew. This thing is pretty old. Why does the old man want this? Hmm.. He probably won’t help me out until I get this to him, and he’s not going to be satisfied if it’s this dirty.” So he rubbed it.
A bigger man came out of the lamp.
” Thank you for freeing me from this lamp.” he said.
Aladdin asked, ” And who are you?”
” I am this lamp’s genie. I will grant any wish you want.”
” Really? Well can you get me out of here?” Aladdin asked.
” Yes of course, master.”
” Well, ring genie, get inside your ring!” Aladdin declared.
Outside,, the old man was sitting, thinking.” After I get that lamp,, I’m going to be rich! But what’s taking that boy so long?”
Just then, the genie came out of the pit and flew into the sky.
” What the-?! Isn’t that the genie?! And there’s Aladdin! Give me back my lamp!!!” the old man yelled.
” If you want it so bad, come and get it!!” Aladdin yelled. Then, he flew away, on the back of the genie. Days passed, and soon Aladdin became the richest man in the country, and he even married a beautiful wife. As the old man was spying in them, he muttered, ” Grr. That Aladdin. All that money is supposed to be mine! And look at that wife! ” That’s when he had an idea. He dragged a cart in front of Aladdin’s house, and yelled to his wife on the balcony.
” Miss! Do you have any old lamps that you can donate?” he yelled.
” Well, there is one, but my husband treasures it very much. I think I have to ask him first.”
” Well can you ask him?” he yelled from below.
” Oh, sorry, he just went out!” she responded.
” Hmmm.. How about I give you this golden lamp in trade for the old one? I bet your husband would be very happy!” he yelled.
” Okay, I’ll be right down. ” she yelled.
She came downstairs, and gave the old man the lamp.
” Give it to me!! ” he hollered. Then, he rubbed it, and the genie came out.
” What would you like master?” he asked.
” I want you to take me, this woman, and this house far far away!” he ordered.
Just then, Aladdin came back. ” Today’s business was a sucess! Wait for me my dear!” he called out. But all he saw was his house, his wife, and the old man, with the genie , flying away.
” Ahhahahaha!!! I’ve got your woman, your house, and the lamp!!!!” the old man yelled.
” You’ll never get away with this!!!” Aladdin screamed.” well, it’s time to use the power of the ring genie. Then, he rubbed the ring, and asked the genie to lead him to the old man. They walked for hours, and Aladdin was very much tired. So he asked, ” Can you carry me?”
” No, that I cannot do. Ring genie only leads the way.” the genie said.
Aladdin gave a big fat sigh. They finally made it. Inside, the old man was laughing and eating.
” Hungry yet? If you agree to be my wife, I’ll let you eat all you want!” the old man laughed.
” Who wants to be your wife? Hmph!” she yelled.
” Soon you’ll be begging me to be my wife! Aghhahahahhahahahaa!!!” he cackled.
” You’ll never get away with this! Aladdin is going to come save me soon!”
” Aha! Aladdin isn’t going to find us! ” with that, the went to bed. But Aladdin was already there. He went to the cage his wie was in, and asked, ” Does the old man have the key?”
” No, this is the genie’s magic,and I can only be freed with that magic!”
” Looks like I have to get the lamp then.” Aladdin said. He snuck up to the old man’s bed, and got the lamp . Just then, he woke up!
” Aladdin give me back my lamp!” he screamed.
” Too bad! From this day on, I don’t know you!” Then, Aladdin rubbed the lamp, out came the genie. Aladdin wished to make all the old man’s wishes dissapear, and, then the genie carried him and his wife, back to their home.
Then, they lived happily ever after. Well, not everyody.
You can guess who said that.

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