Blind Men Touching an Elephant 盲人摸象


盲人摸象 【mang ren mo xiang】 從前,有四個盲人很想知道大像是什麼樣子,可他們看不見,只好用手摸。胖盲人先摸到了大象的牙齒。他就說:“我知道了,大象就像一個又大、又粗、又光滑的大蘿蔔。”高個子盲人摸到的是大象的耳朵。“不對,不對,大像明明是一把大蒲扇嘛!”他大叫起來。“你們淨瞎說,大像只是根大柱子。”原來矮個子盲人摸到了大象的腿。而那位年老的盲人呢,卻嘟嚷:“唉,大象哪有那麼大,它只不過是一根草繩。”四個盲人爭吵不休,都說自己摸到的才是真正大象的樣子。而實際上呢?他們一個也沒說對。後以“盲人摸象”比喻看問題以偏概全。


In India, the king one day decided to let some blind men touch an elephant and guess what it is. The first person said, “It is a big tall carrot.” ” No no! its not a carrot, it’s a plate!” said the other person. ” A Bed! A pot!” yelled the men. ” No no your all wrong! Its a rope!” The people got into a fight and started arguing. And if you wonder how these people came up whit such weird things is because they were touching different parts of the elephant’s body.

【mang ren mo xiang】 The story satire’s object is the shortsighted person.

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