Childhood 童年


” Next to the pond, on the tree,
was only the cicada,
calling out to summer.
In the playground,
on the swings,
had only a butterfly on top of it.
Inside the classroom,
The teacher never stopped writing.
Waiting for school to end,
waiting for vacation,
Waiting for the childhood that’s full of games.
In the candy shop ,
there’s everything,
except we don’t have any money.
In our games,
there’s too much wondering.
We wondered who could take the sword,
How come the girl next door didn’t pass my door?
The candy in my mouth,
the drawings in my hand,
and the wonderful Childhood I remember.
We always wait ’till it’s time to sleep,
to realize homework was done a little bit.
We always wait,
’till after the test,
to realize we didn’t study what we should’ve.
One chance of Childhood and once chance only,
the teacher said that” inch of gold can not buy time,”
money can buy everything,
but it can’t buy back your childhood,
your only chance to do what you can.
Day after day, Year after Year,
Confusing and Unclear Childhood;
No one knows why the sun sets on the side of the mountains.
No one can tell me if there are gods in the mountains.
Most of the days are always me myself looking at the sky;
Just so much curiosity,
just so much dreams,
Just a lonely childhood.
The dragonfly comes over under the sunlight,
above all the green grasses,
above all the fields.
Paints , Crayons, and Telescopes.
But I just can’t draw the rainbow in front of me.
When can I be like bigger kids,
and have a mature face?
Waiting for summer,
Looking at tomorrow,
Looking at my Childhood.
Day after day, Year after year.
Looking at my Childhood.”

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