Filial(18) 拾椹供親


拾椹供親 [shi shen gong qin] 蔡順字君仲,東漢人, 自幼喪父,與母親相依為命。年成不好,糧食不足他就每天出門摘拾桑椹,用不同的器皿盛桑椹。農民起義軍看見便問其原因,蔡順說:”黑色的桑椹味道甜,是給母親吃的;紅色的桑椹味道酸,是給自己吃的。”農民起義軍憐憫他的孝心,把白米牛蹄送給了他。 荒年是要用桑葚來填飽肚子,想一想那也是令人悲哀的時代。

启示: 蔡順這樣孝順,真讓人嗟嘆不已。這讓今天的許多只知索取,不知付出的年輕人為之汗顏。

There once was a boy named Cai Shun. One day he was walking down the dry dirt road and heard two people say,” The king ruined our lives. Only if we had a better one, our lives will be much better.” Cai Shun walked until he was home greeted his mother and went inside the house to do the chores. One early morning, he went to the mountains to pick berries. As he was about to stand up, some bandits blocked his way and saw the baskets he was holding.They thought it was gold and jewels so they snatched it away from him. But the leader saw one basket of deep purple berries and a basket of bright pink berries. He asked ,” Why do you have a basket of pink berries and a basket of purple berries?” Cai Shun answered,” The purple berries is ripe so its sweet. That will be for my mother. The pink berries aren’t ripe yet so it’s sour. That will be for me.” Then bandit got touched and let him go. Cai went home and thanked the bandits.

Moral Points: Delicious sweet ripe mulberry, city people have little opportunity to eat. However, the famine is to use Mulberry to fill his stomach, think is sad in that age. Cai Shun such filial piety, This allows many of young people to learn this story today,they only know how to obtain, but do not know whom to pay shame。

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