The Emperor’s New Clothes 皇帝的新衣



There once was a king who cared nothing about his kingdom, nothing about his castle,nothing about his people. What he really cared about is new clothes. He changed every hour and everyday. One day two evil men came up to the king and said, ” We can make speacial cloth that are invisible to fools and a stupid people.” The king ordered his body gaurd to give them a bag of gold. A few days later, the king told a servant to check on the cloth. When the men showed him he blinked and wiped his eyes. He couldn’t see anything! Am I a fool? he said to himself. But he said,” My what beautiful cloth you have! The patterns are amazing! I will report to the king immediently” When the king heard this he was worried and sent another person. The same thing happened. Finally the king went himself. And what did he see? Nothing! Was he a stupid person? Was he a fool? But the king didn’t show it he said,” My my have you done a good job! I will order my servant to give you more money.” Days pated and the liars said that they were done. The king decided to have a parade to show off his new clothes. But of course nothing was on him. When the men got paid their last gold, they snuck out of the kingdom and ran away. When he was having a parade, a little boy yelled,” The king is wearing no clothes!” Assumming the little boy was right, he started blushing and left the parade.

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