Treating somebody with increased respect 刮目相看 (guā mù xiāng kàn)


During the three Kingdom Period, there is a general called Lu Meng in the state of Wu. Brave a resourceful in battles, he becomes a general in his early 20’s. Because his family was poor, he recived little education when he was young.

The Wu king Sun Quan appreciates his bravery and wants to promote him to a higher position.

The king said, “ As you are now in charge of importanat state duties, you should read more to learn more knowledge.”

“ I have too many duties to deal with in the army to have time for reading books.”

“ Ha ha do you have as much duties as I do? You better find some time to read some books so as to widen your vision.”

Taking the kings advice, Lu Meng used most of his spare time to read books. As his scope of knowledge widens. His vision also deepens .Later when Lu Su meets him, and disscusses state matters with him, he finds his way of speech way better than before.

“ Haha I always thought that you were only good at fighting. I didn’t expect you to have such remarkable progress.”

“ A student who is away for three days should be looked upon from a new perspective.”


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