Lofty mountains and flowing water 高山流水


【高山流水】【gāo shān liú shuǐ】傳說先秦的琴師伯牙一次在荒山野地彈琴,樵夫鐘子期竟能領會那音樂裡的意境,描绘“巍巍乎志在高山”和“洋洋乎志在流水”。伯牙惊道:“善哉,子之心而与吾心同。” 後來鐘子期過死,伯牙痛失知音,摔琴绝弦,終身不操。 故有高山流水之曲。

啟示:高山流水,比喻知己難得,也比喻樂曲高妙。 人海茫茫知音難覓,生活中如能找到一個完全懂得自己的人,是多麼的不容易!那如果反過來,人人都試著從自身做起,善解人意,盡量去理解別人的心境,學習他人的優點,改過自己的不足,和不斷的充實自己。 自然的我們也會成為別人受歡迎的知己。 一個為這個世界和別人發光發熱,並正確開導他人的人是最高尚的人,也是最快樂的人。

古箏曲:高山流水,請欣賞。 Please enjoy 【gāo shān liú shuǐ 】music

Once upon a time, there was a musician names Yu Boya. He was an expert in music and was good at playing the zither. People loved to hear him play.
” Master Boya played the instrument so well.” a man said.
” Yes, it was as mesmerizing as wine.” another stated.
” Hey , they do not really understand my music.” Boya thought.

One day , he was traveling by boat. The wonderful views on the banks made him play again.
” Bravo.” a voice said.
Boya was astonished. Who had understood his music?
” What is so good about it?” Boya asked the man.
The man laughed.

” Your music sometimes is grand and solemn, like huge mountains piercing the clouds. Sometimes it is tender and light, like the river slowly flowing by.”
” You are my true friend.” Boya told the man.
This woodsman was Zhong Ziqi. From then on, the two became the best of friends.

【gāo shān liú shuǐ 】Moral point:
It refers to wonderful music, or the rarity of friends who truly understand an appreciate one’s abilities.

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